Who knows, as an art, the sculptures of the Tania Font are the elaboration of a puzzle with which to respond to others.

Andrés Hispano

Series Exúvia

Reinforced cement, wood, ceramics, wallpaper and patinas


Armed concrete, wood, ceramics, painted paper and pads

Deconstruct III

Armed concrete, wood, ceramics, painted paper and pads

Sculpture of time

Polyester and glass veil resin, iron, brass and wood


Armed concrete, painted paper, ceramics and silicate pads


Grees clocks and mechanical elements

Behind the doors

Brass and gold bread

Castles in the Air series

(or the Cabanes de’n Garrell)

Direct Flame Furnace Series

Series Prisons of childhood

Blood of the Bisbal, Iron and Oil Painting

Dream series

Bisbal blood, polyester resin and oil paint


Polyester and fiber Resin, Ferry and Oil Painting

Evening dress

Porcelain and Wire


Polyester resin and fiberglass

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