From April 6 to June 30 2023
Exhibition in Peralada (Girona)

Of Chaos and the cosmos

I managed to change the speed of the machine that occupied the brain space in the sculpture of Time, which I made four years ago. When I built it, I had a clockwork machine in my heart and a relentless pendulum in my belly. I wanted to be a mother, I was inevitably an artist, it was also chaos… time and life slipped through my fingers.
Some decisions change our brains and I have made them. That’s why I went to see Jaume Doménech, master watchmaker, and he has managed to slow down the brain of the time sculpture by adding a pendulum to its throat. I have renamed it Cosmos.
The term ecdysis (exit or escape, in Greek) is generally used to refer to the process of molting the exoskeleton of arthropods, such as crabs. This process is controlled by the hormone ecdysone, which is also responsible for initiating the metamorphosis process. The remains of the old exoskeleton are called exuvia.

Tania Font’s works are emotions that coat the stone and melt it so that we can open it and observe its interior. And turn it around, as often as necessary.

A perfect mechanism where all the emotion fits into a chaos of beauty.

(…) summary of all the skins that have been seen as our past April 6 at the opening of the new sculpture exhibition.

Thank you Tania Font for trusting our gallery.

Thank you to all of you who kept coming, one and the other and the others, and broke all notions of time, truth and emotion to understand through the eyes of our protagonist artist.

The Eleven House By Marta Bertràn

The truth as left, the stone that sweats, that cries, that laughs, that tells you alive, alive, that you are gold, that you are purity, that you are a perfect broken person.

The symmetry of the wound of feeling, of the hole to see clearly, of the hole of feeling loved and of rejecting everything that is deep between river and mountain, between nothing and being, between the dark and the full moon . .

The gold we carry inside is the prison that sets us free.

If we open our eyes If we rise to art.

If we listen to the silence. If we learn to keep quiet.

Touring these works is a great way back, to endure the beauty and assume the truth that silences us. A great earthquake that leaves everything still, everything in its place, everything where it should be.

The gear called life.

Thank you Tania Font for moving me, moving us, both with these works so sincere.

The Eleven House By Marta Bertràn

From January 14 to March 12 2023
Capella del Carme (Palamós)


The term ecdysis (exit or escape, in Greek) is generally used to refer to the molting process of the exoskeleton of arthropods, such as crabs. This process is controlled by the hormone ecdysone, which is also responsible for initiating the metamorphosis process. The remains of the old exoskeleton are called exuvia.

With this exhibition I propose to share a reflection on the metaphorical concept of changing the skin. About preserving what is essential and unpacking what is not useful to us by creating a change, about the metamorphosis we experience as human beings.

With the sculpture Exùbia I am talking about the remains of what we have been and has been part of us, what we leave behind, also about what is seen and what is not seen of what we are.

About how the fact of projecting what we dream and opens a path on a cognitive level towards what we will be, whatever form it takes. About the metamorphosis of the human being, the resistance or invitation to change, about the reshaping of mental patterns and pre-established ideas and about what others see in relation to what we are or can be, appearances and what is really authentic in people.

From 8 January to 27 February 2022
Exhibition in Moregem (Belgium)

Light and Fragility

Tania Font (born 1978 in Palamós, Spain) is a contemporary artist known for her sculptural and pictorial practice in which she acts in a manner very similar to light. Source explores humanity’s fragility (…) His stories remain silent as long as there is no light to make them visible.

Verduyn Gallery.

From 11 December to 22 January 2022
Exhibition in Terrassa (Barcelona)

9 Years gallery contrast

Group exhibition – 9 Years , Gallery Contrast, Terrace

From 12 to 14 November 2021
Exhibition in Milan (Italia)

Milano Scultura Fair

Exhibition in Milano Scultura Fair  (Stepartfair.com)
Milan, represented by Contemporary Village

From 11 to 14 November 2021
Exhibition in Montpellier (France)

Art Montpellier

Exhibition Art Montpellier, Foire méditerranéenne des arts contemporains.
Expo/Hall B2 Montpellier Park, France.
Represented by Pedro Requena Art

From 21 al 24 October 2021
Exhibition in Madrid

Contemporary Art Fair

Exhibition Contemporary Art Fair, ifema Madrid
Represented by Pedro Requena Art

From 23 September to 30 October 2021
Exhibition in Monza (Italia)

Quel Grandioso Senso Di Se

Collective exhibition Quel Grandioso Senso Di Se.
Gallery of Arte Vila Contemporania.

From 2 September to 2 October
Exhibition in Terrassa (Barcelona)

Tania Font Qualia

Individual exhibition at the Cultural Factory of Terrassa

From 13 to 19 June 2021
Exhibition in Sweden

Volta Art Fair Basel

Exhibition at Eys Basellea
Represented by Galeria Contrast Barcelona.

From 25 June to 7 July 2021
Exhibition in Barcelona

Collective Summer Expo

From 20 March to 6 May 2021
Exhibition in Terrassa (Barcelona)

Dialogs - Art G Space

The Art G space hosts until 6 May the exhibition “Dialogue”, a collective exhibition where a communication is established between the works of the five participating artists and the disciplines they use.
Tania Fountain with four sculpture pieces and a painting and photos and artists’ books:
Gabriel Smith, Luis Estopianan, JA Soria and Lidia Romero.

From 25 July to 29 November 2020
Exhibition in Palafrugell (Girona)

Internal Mechanics - Vilacasas Foundation

Of the many crises that have defined contemporary age, there is one that has not only not abandoned us, but has grown in complexity and impact the gaze crisis. Photography, X-ray or psychoanalysis had one thing in common, as so many things were discovered to us that certainly escape our vision and the many ways of deceiving appearances. We rub our eyes. We made “autopsy the act of seeing with our own eyes” a reinforced exercise in knowledge.
We have opened up everything, body and toys, in search of answers through scalpel, drawing, plan and endoscope. And we’ve only found more questions, so productive was our dislike. We know what’s going on inside and often even know how it works, even though we’re still ignorant of why and in this enigmatic territory, crossroads of science, art and hysterism, the most wonderful of all the frustrations occurs, John Pecnom, a 13th-century sage Francisco, said that the act of vision is painful, perhaps because it reveals, but does not explain, discovers but does not respond.

Tania Font’s sculptures are presented as canal-exhibitions of everything that hides the surface. However, they are not solutions to a hieroglyph. Who knows if, as an art, is making a puzzle with which to respond to others.

Andrés Hispano

From 2 March to 23 May 2020
Exhibition in Barcelona

Tania Font features "the Unconscious" on the Bostik ship

From 2 March to 23 May, the exhibition “the unconscious” by the sculptor and painter Tania Font will be open to visitors in the space of Creation and Disfusion of the Nou Bostik culture of Barcelona Ferran Turné, 1 of Barcelona.

Through this exhibition the visitor can enter the author’s particular world by means of her sculpture and painting according to Font “a world would go and subjective, which drinks from surrealism and the strambot isme empordanesa and leaves the viewer full of questions about the work and its interpretation” and adds that “it is an exhibition of introspective silence, which creates visual collages and metaphors from elements embodiing the use from the lightness of the dream’s unconscious to express physical and emotional personal feelings and states.”

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